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Disposable hygiene pumps, the new trend for Euro bottles

Many healthcare institutions are struggling to implement rigorous dispenser cleaning recommendations and requirements made by leading regulatory bodies. Even when implementing these time- and cost-intensive programs, the potential for improper cleaning can lead to contamination of dispensers and the spread of infections.

“The use of the disposable hygiene pump raises hygiene standards to a new level and makes resource-intensive reprocessing redundant,” said Frank Welbers, hygiene specialist for Bethesda Hospital in Duisburg. The healthcare facility adopted OPHARDT hygiene’s new disposable hygiene pump (DHP) in March, where it now helps improve hygiene standards and processes in 100 ingo-man® plus dispensers across three hospital units. At Bethesda, installation and adoption of the DHP has been a positive experience, thanks to the pump’s intuitive design. OPHARDT hygiene – the pioneer of the Euro bottle standard – provides systems like the ingo-man® plus and RX dispensers that don’t tie users to a specific manufacturer of hand care products. The ingo-man® series is, the leading dispensing system in German-speaking hospitals. When the ingo-man® first entered the market, it was designed to withstand the extreme heat of autoclaving through its stainless steel housing and pumps. With OPHARDT hygiene’s new disposable hygiene pump, healthcare facilities can choose an uncomplicated solution to cleaning, without sacrificing the Euro bottle standard.

Disposable pumps: the simple future of hygiene

The DHP is a recyclable pump designed to ensure single use, making cleaning and maintenance obsolete. The pumps are compatible with the RX and ingo-man® plus series and can be used with any 500 ml and 1000 ml Euro bottle. The pump is supplied in a clear, hygienic packaging that can be torn on the side and used as a glove when installing the pump. When a dispenser is empty, the pump must be removed with the bottle and recycled. If an attempt is made to remove the bottle separately, the pump stem will separate from the pump head – rendering it unusable.

Conformity to regulations

The use of disposable pumps adheres to the most recent recommendations made by the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (Kommission für Krankenhaushygiene und Infektionsprävention) at the Robert Koch-Institut (KRINKO) and the German Organization for Hospital Hygiene (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene) (DGKH) regarding the use of dispensers for hand care products in healthcare settings. Through the implementation of this product, hygiene professionals can save valuable time and resources and refocus their attention on increasing compliance and reducing infections.

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