OHMS registers 25million activations
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Major Milestone achieved: OHMS officially registers 25 million hand hygiene activations

Europe’s leading hand hygiene monitoring system has officially registered 25 million activations.


Europe’s leading hand hygiene monitoring system has officially registered 25 million activations.
The OHMS story began at the end of 2011 with the goal of “Measurably Improving Hand Hygiene” by supporting medical professionals with in-depth analysis and real-time data concerning hand hygiene behaviour.
Since then, OHMS has developed into to Europe´s leading system in electronic hand hygiene monitoring, supporting more than 30 medical facilities across the continent in improving hand hygiene and reducing healthcare associated infections.
The OHMS WiFi enabled disinfectant dispensers (ingo-man® plus Weco) register the location and timestamp of every dispenser activation. In order to qualitatively analyze each hand hygiene event, the dispenser also collects data about the precise amount of product applied. A plurality of different reports on hygiene behavior are generated and accessed via a state-of-the art software interface. Based on this feedback, medical facilities implement training sessions and changes to their program targeted at minimizing the spread of infections.

Reduce Infections, Reduce Antibiotics, Save Lives

Installation of the system has resulted in significant and sustained benefits for hospitals. The impact of OHMS was measured and reported by the “BDH-Klinik Greifswald” over a two-year period (2013-2014), with a baseline of consumption established prior to implementation.
After implementation of OHMS, the consumption of hand disinfectant and the quality of hand hygiene was successfully, measurably and sustainably increased. Disinfectant consumption at Greifswald was increased by more than 30 per cent, healthcare associated infections per patient day dropped by 28 per cent, and, incredibly, antibiotic treatment per patient day fell by 18 per cent.

Easy integration, low maintenance

IT and maintenance departments need not worry about investing large amounts of time into integration and maintenance of this system.
Typically, OHMS integrates into existing WiFi networks, and the application can be accessed with any web browser. Additionally, the ingo-man® plus Weco dispenser, already fits onto existing backplates from Ophardt’s – ingo-man® series – the market leading dispensing system in German hospitals. The manually operated ingo-man® plus Weco dispenser also generates the energy for required data transfer through pressing of the lever. This means no additional battery replacement or other power sources are necessary.

The rise of smart hand hygiene monitoring systems

“We are extremely pleased to have reached this important milestone,” said Hendrik Rosery, Head of Sales Hygiene Compliance Solutions. “During the last year we saw a significant increase in interest for smart solutions targeted at the hand hygiene sector from our customers – we plan to build on that success in 2018”


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