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OPHARDT honoured as Brand of the Century

OPHARDT has been awarded the prestigious German Standards: Brand of the Century award. With this award, our brand has been recognized as a standard...

Brand of the century OPHARDT

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The best ways to reprocess pumps

New laboratory results from OPHARDT Hygiene show which steps for cleaning soap and sanitizer dispenser pumps are most effective from a microbiological...


Monkeypox in focus

What is monkeypox? How is it transmitted? How can you protect yourself? Cases of monkeypox have been occurring in Germany and many other countries since May...


A public toilet shortage

Even before people step into shops or restaurants, cities offer incredible opportunities to relax and be engaged. Cycling through the streets, playing in...

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Empathy and hand hygiene

Does empathy play a role in improved hand hygiene compliance? While we have often explored multi-modal approaches to improving hand hygiene in healthcare, a...