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Smart hand hygiene at St. Franziskus Hospital Lohne

Connected sanitizer dispensers from OPHARDT Hygiene now support the Hospital in Lohne in Lower Saxony’s hygiene department with data on hand sanitizer use.

St. Franziskus Hospital Lohne was founded in 1856 and has since developed into an important medical care center in the district of Vechta. Today, the hospital has 140 beds and treats over 8,000 inpatients and more than 30,000 outpatients. Hand hygiene is an important component of safe patient treatment.

Smart Hand Hygiene in Urology

The hospital is already prioritizing the work of hygiene and infection control, as is underscored by the silver award it received in 2022 from the “Aktion Saubere Hände” (Clean Hands Campaign). With the introduction of the ingo-man® SmartNose, St. Franziskus Hospital is now further improving its hospital hygiene and taking a step towards digital hand hygiene.

Smart hand hygiene in the Urology Ward

As of now, 22 connected hand sanitizer dispensers of the ingo-man® smart brand are in use on the urology ward of the hospital, which record their usage data automatically and continuously. This means that each individual hand disinfection is recorded anonymously and sent digitally to a central evaluation system together with a corresponding time stamp and the location of the disinfection. This evaluation takes place in the Kanary software, also developed by OPHARDT Hygiene, which also has alert notifications as soon as, for example, a sanitizer bottle runs empty.

“The digital disinfection dispensers support us in our daily work to identify further potential for hand hygiene on the ward and to further increase patient safety.”

Marianne Dallmöller, Hygiene Specialist at St. Franziskus Hospital Lohne

For the hygiene department of the Lohner Klinik, the innovative disinfectant dispensers offer clear advantages. In addition to the 24/7 availability of hygiene data, the effort required for recording is reduced enormously. Previously, hand hygiene compliance was determined exclusively via time-consuming direct observation on the ward. Now, hygiene specialists receive accurate, bias-free hygiene data that has not be distorted by the Hawthorne effect.

Marianne Dallmöller, hygiene specialist at St. Franziskus Hospital Lohne, shares how this adds value for her department and the hospital: “The digital disinfection dispensers support us in our daily work to identify further potential for hand hygiene on the ward and to further increase patient safety.”

Small detail provides additional support for hygiene

Smart Hand Hygiene

The new sanitizer dispensers not only provide hygiene with comprehensive data, but also communicate feedback with clear visuals with the clinic staff. When a green feedback LED on the outlet panel lights up, the dispensers indicate whether enough sanitizer has been dispensed. Three milliliters is considered the gold standard for hygienic hand disinfection. For Marianne Dallmöller, this function is “another important building block for infection control” that increases compliance and thus supports the work of hospital hygiene.

With the ingo-man® hygiene dispensers, the clinic maintains the ability to choose sanitizer from a wide range of suppliers thanks to the Eurobottle standard.


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