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Kanary release notes | March ’23

Get information quickly with a new dashboard and report.

Our new Activity Dashboard available on the Kanary homepage.

We are rolling out new features we showcased in our latest Product Launch Event. The highlight of this update, the new Activity Dashboard, will help users quickly get an overview of staff cleaning activity.

Kanary Activity dashboard

  • A new dashboard available on the Kanary homepage.
    • This view is a staff-focussed view that gives an easy one-page overview of activity.
    • You can compare how long it takes staff to complete tasks, breaking that data down by task type (battery swaps, liquid refilling, cleaning, and communication).
    • Quickly see which days and hours are the busiest for all staff tasks and for bottle exchanges, respectively.

New report

  • We created a new report to quickly show you average HHE per day per ward.

Streamline permissions

  • We used to have two different ways of managing user permissions. Not only was this more confusing, but one way of managing user permissions was barely used.
  • To make setting user permissions easier for admins, we have removed user reporting groups.
  • Now, access to reports are handled by ‘view rights.’ Users can still generate reports, and admins can still limit access, but with one way to set permissions, not two.

Bug fixes

The “donut.”
  • We fixed an issue with what we affectionately call the ‘donut,’ the circular progress chart in the Compliance Dashboard. Previously, it was showing the compliance percentage at the ward level, but not at higher levels, like at the building or organization level.
  • When you get an email with a link to a new task, it takes you directly to the task—even if you need to login first.


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