Release notes for Kanary Jan 2023.

January Release Notes for Kanary

Release notes for the January 24th 2023 Kanary update.

We are ringing in the New Year with a cleanse—a cleanse of our code base. This release bring improvements to Tasks, SanTRAL® Plus integration, and a slew of bug fixes and improvements.

Customizable task creation thresholds

One of the most powerful features in Kanary is the ability to have tasks automatically created and assigned when a dispenser reaches a threshold amount.

We are now rolling out the option to customize the thresholds at which a task is created and the threshold at which it is closed.

By default, tasks are created when the dispenser is only 10% full and the task closes when the threshold is 90% or higher.

Now you can set new defaults across your whole organization and at every level: building, ward, floor, etc.

Full SanTRAL Integration

We have introduce a new device type to support the entire range of SanTRAL® devices. We now support separate thresholds for waste bins task creation, by offering two device types: filling or emptying devices.

Not only do these work in the opposite way (a full waste bin triggers a task; an empty soap dispenser triggers a task). You can also set separate thresholds for each type of device. Want waste bins emptied when they are 60% full, but want dispensers filled when they are 5% full? This is now possible.

We have also made some speed improvements so that SanTRAL® Plus tasks get created in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Bugs squashed

As always, our team has been hard at work improving our software:

  • Task emails now link directly to the task. When you get an email about a new task, we provide a link that takes you directly to that task.
  • Improvement to data processing—if we get a 1000 messages at once, it doesn’t slow down message processing. If one dispenser sends too many messages, doesn’t slow down everything else.
  • Fixed issues with custom monitoring screens.

See you in February with more features and bug fixes.


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