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Hygienic waste disposal made easy
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Simple, hands-free operation makes the ingo-slide a true innovation

Hygienic waste disposal made easy

Our hands are a primary carrier of bacteria, responsible for an estimated 80% of transmitted infections. Microorganisms that are passed from person to person can have serious consequences, particularly in hospitals or operating theatres, where patients have compromised immune systems. To avoid the transmission of infections, more and more products feature hands-free technology. OPHARDT hygiene continues to improve hygiene standards with our range of hand care dispensers that are activated via touchless sensors or via long, ergonomic levers that can be operated using an elbow. The ingo-slide represents the newest addition to our hands-free product range.

No chance for contamination 

ingo-slide with OPHARDT
ingo-slide 15 litre

When disposing of waste, the hygienic “no-hands principle“ ensures effective protection against the spread of bacteria and germs – which is critical in healthcare settings. This is exactly where OPHARDT hygiene’s new hygienic waste disposal unit makes its mark. The ingo-slide is designed to be mounted either on nurses’ trolleys or on walls, and opened using a patented mechanical opening feature when tipped lightly by foot. When disposal is complete, the ingo-slide can be closed with a gentle touch of the knee. As well as its intuitive, hygienic operation, the ingo-slide offers additional practical advantages. In comparison to conventional waste disposal units, the unique opening mechanism prevents air from escaping when the bin is closed, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria through the air.

Dr. med. Olaf Baumhove, Chief Physician at the St. Agnes-Hospital Bocholt in Germany, says:

“The hands-free operation guarantees hygienic disposal of waste in everyday clinical practice and fits perfectly into our clinic’s hygiene concept”.

Quality meets design

Thanks to its compact format, the waste disposal unit easily fits into small rooms and spaces. The availability of a compact 15 litre and spacious 25 litre version ensures hospital staff have the solution they need. The ingo-slide is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing little wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

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