sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging initiative for IMP touchless + Weco dispensers

At OPHARDT hygiene, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and in turn, helping our customers to reduce theirs.

In early December, we completed the transition from polyethylene foam packaging to molded fibre packaging inserts, specifically designed for use with our ingo-man® plus touchless dispenser series. Moving forward, all IMP Touchless and Weco® handcare dispensers will be delivered using this new packaging material.

Molded fibre inserts offer a more sustainable, resource efficient alternative to petroleum-based plastic foam packaging, while still providing the necessary protection for our products during transport. The inserts are manufactured using 100% post-consumer recycled fibres that can be recycled again – or even composted – at the end of their useful life. Because these inserts are ‘nestable’, package height is reduced by up to 60% when they are shipped to us from our supplier, and during disposal at end of useful life.

Our new packaging has enabled us to fit additional units on our standard pallet, further boosting resource efficiencies and reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions.

This reduction in volume goes hand-in-hand with reduced transport emissions both upstream and downstream, in addition to reduced disposal costs.

Integrating molded fibre packaging materials will help us in our global transition toward a more circular economy and in supporting EU recycling targets. This initiative will also help us in supporting Goal 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns aimed at “doing more and better with less”.

We thank you for joining us in our efforts to improve our sustainability performance and invite you to read our latest sustainability report to learn more.


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