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the untouchable - German Design Award 2019
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the untouchable™ wins a German Design Award

The Multifunctional faucet system for touch-free hand hygiene receives prestigious German Design Award.

Innovative, groundbreaking products and projects with added value for users – this is what the globally renowned German Design Award honours.

Among the winners for the Award 2019: the untouchable™. The sensor-controlled, multi-functional faucet system allows for touchless dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant from a single unit. The faucet will receive a “Special Mention” award from the jury of experts. In 2018, there were 5,000 submissions to these awards. The untouchable was nominated in the summer of 2018 by the GDA organization.

With its clear design, hygienic dispensing and intuitive operation, the untouchable™ fulfilled important riteria in terms of functionality and overall concept. In terms of sustainability, the innovation also impressed the experts. Compared to conventional, manually operated faucet system, the untouchable™ helped users reduce water consumption significantly.

“This faucet incorporates three functions into a compact and timelessly clear form that fits perfectly with many modern decors.” – Jury statement

In 2017, the untouchable™ was granted the Purus innovation award at the CMS Berlin.

There, the untouchable was also praised for its user interface. The infrared interface of the untouchable™ is based on a simple concept: select above, receive under; By swiping above the untouchable™ the faucet cycles through the available liquids. When the desired liquid has been selected, place hands under the faucet and the liquid is dispensed.

The German Design Award is presented annually by the German Design Council, a foundation initiated by the German Bundestag. The award ceremony will take place in February 2019.

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