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Dutch school board doubles down on the quality of SanTRAL®

A Dutch School board has decided to renew its commitment to OPHARDT hygiene dispensers, by installing more than 1,000 new dispensers across its school board.

The ZAAM Foundation is the competent authority for 23 interdenominational secondary schools in Amsterdam, Zaandam and Monnickendam. These schools offer education to more than 11,000 students, ranging from practical training to grammar school.

The schools have large sanitary facilities, which are used frequently and intensively by the students.  Consequently, any equipment installed must live up to this frequent and intensive use. The ZAAM Foundation therefore attaches great importance to equipping all schools with a uniformly high standard and design.

OPHARDT hygiene’s SanTRAL® series is a trusted choice by the ZAAM Foundation as it is a proven standard for public washrooms. The SanTRAL® series is impact-resistant and particularly durable due to its robust design. The lockable, welded stainless steel housing ensures the dispenser is tamper-proof, and the smooth surface created by the anti-fingerprint coating ensures the dispenser is particularly easy to clean.

As a core feature of the SanTRAL® series, all dispensers are compatible with a wide range of filling products. This open system enables customers to avoid expensive service contracts and the choice to switch between filling materials as desired.

In the past, the ZAAM Foundation worked with a leasing agreement to enjoy the advantages offered by the SanTRAL® series at a number of their schools.  Following the end of the leasing contract, the ZAAM Foundation decided to continue with the SanTRAL® series in their schools.

To facilitate the renewed agreement, CitroenAir reacted immediately and competently, creating an action plan for the delivery and installation of the new dispensers. CitroenAir, OPHARDT hygiene and the ZAAM Foundation openly collaborated to facilitate the installation of more than 1100 units of the SanTRAL® series in the schools.

By installing the new SanTRAL® dispensers, the ZAAM Foundation was able to improve the quality of the equipment in the schools’ washrooms, while reducing costs.


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