The KX dispensing system

Ambidextrous dispensing from SanTRAL® Plus and KX

At OPHARDT Hygiene, we pride ourselves on having flexible and customizable product lines. Two of our most flexible product series have just become even more flexible.

The SanTRAL® Plus series—our most successful product to launch in company history—has always supported refillable bottles and an extensive range of powder-coated finishes. With the release of the SanTRAL® Plus Cartridge dispenser, the series supports a closed system for situations where the highest standards of hygiene are required.

The KX dispenser series has always supported cartridge dispensing. With the creation of an innovative, custom-made KX refillable bottle, this dispenser can now be the foundation of an open system.

The Dispensing Experts

Dispensing systems from OPHARDT
The KX hand hygiene dispenser

When you choose either the SanTRAL® Plus or KX dispenser, you are gaining access to exclusive, patented technologies from our decades of experience as the dispensing experts. The SanTRAL® Plus series is built on our latest dispenser platform, the X10. This whisper-quiet platform delivers incredible efficiency and battery life.

The pumps we designed for the X10 platform use fewer parts and no metal springs, reducing the elements that could fail and increasing its recyclability. Made with post-consumer plastics, we are serious about helping create a more circular economy.

The KX dispenser opens us a world of options with our most extensive pump lineup. With a pump for every need—even niche ones—our 38mm pumps offer time-tested solutions for a host of scenarios.

These two developments showcase OPHARDT Hygiene’s continued commitment to improving access to hand hygiene by providing flexible solutions to help break the chain of infection.


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