Praesidio® im Eingangsbereich der Steuerkanzlei Lemkens & Lemkens
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PRAESIDIO® increases infection protection at the tax law firm Lemkens & Lemkens

Even though the pandemic has highlighted the importance of good hand hygiene, we have long been partnering with people to equip them with hand hygiene solutions for different industries and applications.


The forward-thinking team at the tax law firm Lemkens & Lemkens is an example of a firm who was providing hand hygiene equipment before the pandemic. In 2019, they installed our eye-catching PRAESIDIO® dispenser to protect of employees and visitors at their Xanten office.

Thanks to its central placement in the entrance area and its striking, customizable design, the touch-free disinfectant dispenser fits seamlessly into its environment. Its robust stand and rock-solid stainless steel construction makes the PRAESIDIO® ideal for high-traffic areas. In combination with the SanTRAL dispensers, it offers optimum hygiene protection in washrooms.

It is very well manufactured and stable. Additionally, it looks very good because of its customized design that showcases our company logo.

Marc Lemkens, Tax office Lemkens & Lemkens

The 1-litre Eurobottle format allows the firm to easily source sanitizer from different manufacturers, ensuring supply security for infection protection even during times of high demand. When that sanitizer is being dispensed, our patented spray pump makes it a pleasing experience by reducing aerosols to a minimum.

It has always worked perfectly and there have never been any problems. Many clients have approached me regarding the PRAESIDIO®.

Marc Lemkens, Tax office Lemkens & Lemkens

Even before they were made this past year, the law firm was already following the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to equip all entrances with a hand disinfectant dispenser.

Both visitors and employees have been impressed by the hygienic, easy-to-use PRAESIDIO®. The eye-catching hygiene station manages to attract the attention of all who enter the law firm, which helps increase use. Especially in times like these, every opportunity for active infection control is of immense importance. Thorough hand hygiene remains is the most effective protection against a wide variety of infectious diseases.


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