Hand disinfection in fitness centre.
The PRAESIDIO® provides low-aerosol dosing for a pleasing experience.
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PRAESIDIO®-powered disinfection in fitness centres

A health centre and fitness studio in Beverungen, Germany, are upgrading their infection prevention capabilities. By introducing a total of four PRAESIDIO® hand disinfectant dispensers in key areas, the two facilities are becoming equipped for safe and hygienic training.

How can people excercise in the most hygenic conditions possible? This was the question facing Vitali Woide, owner of a health centre focussed on electromuscle stimulation therapy, Körperformen Beverungen, and managing director of Fit+Vital GmbH, a fitness studio. With his two facilities, he offers complementary health training programs for everyone with varying levels terms of intensity and support.

Hand disinfection in fitness centres with PRAESIDIO.
The PRAESIDIO touchless dispenser.

The basic prerequisite a being healthy and fit is effective protection against pathogens—especially in times of increased risk of infection, such as the flu season or the COVID-19 pandemic. Vitali Woide understands the importance of hygiene as a prerequisite for safe training in his facilities and emphasizes that “the new type of coronavirus has once again increased the need for infection control measures.” Especially due to the numerous times equipment and objects are touched during training, pathogens can be quickly transmitted from one person to another.

PRAESIDIO®: Love at first sight

Improving hand hygiene was the primary motivation for Vitali Woide to enhance his hygiene solution at Körperformen and Fit + Vital. Hand hygiene is key to breaking the chain of infection. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As he began his search, Woide looked for a dispenser that could “fit into the premises aesthetically and visually,… [and] be a contactless device.” Woide soon found that the PRAESIDIO® checked all of his boxes. During a free test phase, he was so impressed by the touchless, 1-liter Eurobottle version that he quickly ordered three more PRAESIDIO® dispensers and stands.

His first contact with the robust disinfectant dispenser was at his daughter’s kindergarten, where the PRAESIDIO®‘s child-friendly design protects young and old alike from infections.

Effective hand disinfection in fitness centres

Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel finish, hygienic appearance, and intuitive operation, the touchless dispenser is the ideal solution for ensuring hand disinfection in gyms and health centres. The PRAESIDIO® provides low-aerosol dosing for a pleasing experience. The importance of having a dispenser that is enjoyable and user-friendly to use should not be underestimated. People sanitizer their hands more often when the dispensing experience is pleasant.

Praesidio hand disinfection in fitness centres
The PRAESIDIO® provides a hand disinfection in entrance areas.

In the future, Vitali Woide plans to install a turnstile in the entrance area of his fitness studio Fit + Vital to continue to elevate the standard of hygiene at his gym. According to Woide, the PRAESIDIO® disinfectant dispenser is to become “a fixed part of the turnstile.” The idea is that only once a customer disinfects their hands will the turnstile open. In this entrance area, the cusotmers forehead temperature will be taken using contactless techonlogy. Thanks to a transmitter integrated in the PRAESIDIO®, door (or turnstyle) unlocking and opening is already supported.

Operators of health and fitness studios, like Woide, have come up with creative and clever ideas for infection protection as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, laying a foundation for physical training that makes you healthier and keeps you healthy.


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