PRAESIDIO disinfectant dispenser
The PRAESIDIO® hand disinfectant dispenser is an important part of the innovative SafeGate system.
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PRAESIDIO® disinfectant dispenser an important part of an innovative hygiene solution

The fully automated SafeGate® turnstile hygiene gate helps enforce health measures, keep people safe, all while providing automated entry. The PRAESIDIO® hand disinfectant dispenser is an important part of this innovative system.

COVID-19 has put hygiene infrastructure to the test and requires new solutions in order to meet growing infection control requirements—both now and in the future. One innovative and creative idea, born of the experience gained in dealing with the pandemic, is the fully automated SafeGate® turnstile hygiene gate

The compact system guarantees hygienically safe access for visitors, guests and employees in public facilities, at event venues, or even in manufacturing facilities.

The SafeGate® solution is made up of several building blocks that have proven reliable and effective in the fight against infectious diseases. An integrated camera in the system verifies that the person is wearing a mask, which has been proven to protect against strong aerosol formation and reduce the number of pathogens in the air. Likewise, the camera measures body temperature without any contact, as high body-temperatures can be an indication of infection.

Cutting-edge hygiene solutions with a built-in PRAESIDIO®

The PRAESIDIO disinfectant dispenser

The third important component of SafeGate® is hand disinfection. Hands are the most common vehicle for the transmission of pathogens—about 80 percent of all infections are “caused” by the hands. To break the chain of infection before someone enters a space, the innovative turnstile hygiene gate uses the PRAESIDIO® hand disinfectant dispenser. This will help sustainably improve hygiene. The touchless operation of the disinfectant dispenser prevents contact infections, and is user-friendly.

The generously designed spray chamber offers sufficient space to wet both hands comfortably with the disinfectant. The signal transmitter integrated in the PRAESIDIO® ensures reliable communication and connection to the system.

Green means go

As soon as all steps have been successfully completed an individual code for the visitor has been scanned, SafeGate® unlocks the turnstile and signals this audibly and visually via a green LED bar. An alert then appears on the integrated display, which also guides the user through each steps. The person is allowed to leave the entrance space, safe in the knowledge that the hygeine requirements have been fully met.

The SafeGate turnstile hygiene gate

Bernd Urbach, who was in charge of developing the innovative turnstile hygiene gate, sees the area of application for SafeGate® “initially in places where many people meet and germs are quickly transferred from one person to another.” Urbach goes on to list typical areas of application: “Event venues, production facilities, industrial companies – and actually all public facilities.” An interesting pilot project in a hospital is also already being planned.

Another important aspect of the new development is its modular design. This means that the hygienic system is freely configurable and can be perfectly tailored to the various fields of application.

Capturing vaccination records, checking COVID-19 test results, and working with various applications such as the official COVID tracking app are other cleverly thought-out features of this innovation product.

SafeGate® can make a valuable contribution to infection prevention even beyond the pandemic—with hand disinfection and the PRAEESIDIO® as integral elements.


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