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A recent, independent test by TÜV Süd confirms the extraordinary qualities of the ingo-man® with rigorous data.
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Tried and tested: ingo-man disinfectant dispenser is proven and reliable

The ingo-man® delivers consistent dosage even after 1,000,000 hand disinfections, based on comprehensive testing by TÜV SÜD.

For over 50 years, the ingo-man® euro dispenser has reliably supported doctors, nurses and medical staff in effective hand disinfection in the healthcare sector. Since the time it launched in 1967, one feature has been its calling card: reliable dosage of sanitizer. At the time, the seals of other hand hygiene dispensers could not effectively hold the alcohol-based disinfectants that were starting to gain popularity. The results were messy floors and ineffective hand disinfection.

The ingo-man series
ingo-man timeline

To solve this problem, Hermann Ophardt developed ingo-man®, which has been continuously refined in close consultation with clinical users and in light of new scientific findings. Throughout the evolution of the ingo-man®, we have stayed laser-focussed on ensuring effective hand disinfection with precise, reliable dosing technology.

TÜV-Süd test confirms the reliability of ingo-man® Euro dispenser

Our focus has paid off, the ingo-man® brand is legendary for its reliability, precision and durability. Disinfectant dispensers of the classic series can still be found in some facilities even twenty years after installation and function flawlessly. It is, simply, a quality product.

A recent, independent test by TÜV Süd confirms the extraordinary qualities of the ingo-man® with rigorous data. As part of the official TÜV test from January 12, 2021 to April 23, 2021, a total of six ingo-man® plus Euro dispensers with operating levers were closely examined to physical and mechanical properties.

“We can confidently claim that the ingo-man sets the benchmark for disinfectant dispensers.”

Padraig McDonagh, Product Manager ingo-man

Three specific aspects were examined: The regularity of the delivery rate, wear and tear, and functionality. During the test, which lasted several months, the disinfectant dispensers underwent several tests and also visual inspections. Before the start of the test, Padraig McDonagh, Product Manager of the ingo-man® series, expressed his confidence and emphasized once again: “We can appear confident and claim that the ingo-man® is the benchmark among disinfectant dispensers.”

The results of the TÜV Süd test show that the experienced engineer was correct. Even after one million activations of the operating lever, the six ingo-man® Euro dispensers tested are “fully functional” according to TÜV Süd. In addition, the testers found only “minor wear” and – what is even more important from my point of view – the dispensers dispensed a consistent amount over the entire test run.

ingo-man®: Into a digital future – with core features built in

The ingo-man smart dispenser

In order to offer users of the ingo-man® dispensers further added value in the future, OPHARDT is developing new technical features. The latest example is the ingo-man® SmartNose, which provides visual feedback to the person operating the dispenser via a green LED and records important usage data from the dispenser. All of this automatically happens 24/7. This combination of immediate and comprehensive feedback is of particular importance for the hygienist or the doctor responsible for hygiene in order to improve hand hygiene.

Regardless of the model, everyone can always rely on reliable dosing and flawless functioning of the ingo-man® euro dispenser.


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