A Kanary-themed WiFi symbol on a dark room.

Kanary release notes | June ’23

This month’s release is all about addition by subtraction. Tasks can now easily be deleted, whether one-off tasks or repeating tasks.

Main features:

  • A new delete icon (with a prompt before deleting) allows you to quickly delete tasks.
  • Delete any location or user that has a task associated with it.
    • Kanary keeps the task history, but marks the task as a “deleted user” or “deleted device” task.
    • Recurring tasks won’t continue if device or user has been deleted.
  • In addition to deleting tasks you can also easily hide completed tasks.
    • In the Kanban board view, you won’t see all the tasks in the completed section.
    • You can customize after how many days a closed task is hidden in Kanary.

Additional Features:

  • Low cost smart device types have now been added in preparation for their launch: KX Smart from the Start (750ml and 1250ml)
  • Added new filter options on the dispensers page. Previously, you were limited to filter only by device ID.
    • You can now filter based on dispenser manufacturer, device type, and device ID.
    • The dispenser page is paginated now, doesn’t show every single dispenser to speed up loading times.

Bug fixes:

  • You can now have a “(“ or “)” in our passwords and use all special characters.
  • You can now create restrictions for non-admin users so they can only see the floor, department, or ward that they are working in.
  • If you changed pages, the home page would revert to the compliance dashboard, but now it shows the last dashboard you were viewing.
  • The ‘donut’ target in the compliance dashboard has been fixed, each are clickable and you can change your target at every level in the organization (organization-wide, floor, ward, etc).
  • We have removed the 50K event limit in the dashboard—now it will load all the events in a specified date range.
  • Fixed duplicate last message tasks (no communication tasks). If the device has been offline, it only sends one tasks, not one per day it is offline.


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