Der PRAESIDIO® Mini hat den Red Dot Award gewonnen
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PRAESIDIO® Mini wins Red Dot Award

Our latest dispenser is an award-winning before it even ships. The Red Dot Award 2023 recently honoured the PRAESIDIO® Mini for its exceptional design. An international jury of around 50 experts from various fields tested, discussed, evaluated, and awarded our latest sanitizer dispenser. This device was designed by same the Canadian-German design team from OPHARDT behind the award-winning SanTRAL® Plus.

The Red Dot Award

“In search for good design” is the guiding principle of the Red Dot Award. This underlines what this tribute is also about. The award is now one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. The seal signals exceptionally good design in products from all over the world from fashion and accessories to vehicles, household aids and furniture, and consumer electronics.

A Trans-Atlantic Effort

PRAESIDIO® Mini drew on expertise from different continents with a design team led by Hendrik Ophardt and Mark Liu from Canada and Patrick Stressler from Germany.

During the development, our ambition was not only to use the same design language as the well-known PRAESIDIO®, but also to revise and improve the technologies at the same time, such as battery life or pump drive.”
Mark Liu, PRAESIDIO® Mini designer

During development there were of various challenges to solve. For example, creating an appealing and rugged transition between metal and plastic. The smooth transition enables a symmetrical design, with the radius of the metal curve mirrored in the plastic base.

PRAESIDIO® Mini. Big advantages.

The PRAESIDIO® Mini has been thoughtfully designed to combine performance and flexibility. It can adapt to endless environments as it dispenses comfortably from either side and it can be mounted on a stand, on the wall, or placed free-standing on a counter. The efficiency of the OPHARDT X10 touchless drive delivers impressive battery life. Thanks to the built-in CleanTip™ pump technology, the PRAESIDIO® Mini draws excess sanitizer back into the pump after the dispensing process for drip-free dispensing. A thoughtful design considers the health of the planet, so our X10 pumps are also made with post-consumer recycled plastics from municipal recycling programs.

In addition, the PRAESIDIO® Mini can also be customized easily. We designed the cover of the dispenser to be magnetic to hold our custom printed magnetic covers. Send your designs to us and you’ll get a brand new cover for the PRAESIDIO® Mini that can be put on in seconds.

“Hand hygiene now takes on a newly important role and is seen as a best practice for many public institutions and businesses. The focus in the conception and design of the PRAESIDIO® Mini was on a user-oriented, intuitive and high-quality appearance.”
Patrick Stressler, PRAESIDIO® Mini designer

Learn more about the sanitizer dispenser here.


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