SanTRAL ® Plus equips the smart washroom of the future

Increase your performance without having to hire new staff and never have an another empty dispenser: this is the promise of the smart SanTRAL® Plus series. Facility management has never been easier. Alerts about product fill levels, battery levels, and dispenser status are sent in real time. Best of all, refill tasks are automatically created when the product falls below a set fill level and tasks are automatically marked as completed once the dispensers are refilled.

All it does is win

SanTRAL ® Plus shows that design, functionality and durability can go hand in hand. The series is designed for high traffic washrooms and sets a standard for high-design finishes. As winner of the Special Mention award at the German Design Award and as Best-of-Best at the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior, this series continues to impress juries of designers. The series is also a nominee for the Green Product Award. SanTRAL ® Plus scores points because our pumps are made with post-consumer recycled plastic and we use recycled stainless steel for the dispenser bodies. We believe that staying clean can still be green.

Get smart

Thanks to our API, SanTRAL® Plus dispensers can be connected to third-party facility management service. They also integrate tightly with our own OWMS service. This cloud-based service equips you to organize cleaning teams in a much more targeted manner and only deploy them areas that need attention. The dispensers report their fill levels to the an app for cleaning staff via WiFi. If a dispenser is about to run out of paper towel, it sends this information to the cloud, which then alerts the relevant staff.

Safety first

The dispensers are equipped with NFC technology to make setting up multiple devices a breeze. To do so, simply hold your smartphone up to the dispenser and the device setup will be completed in a few seconds.

The data of the dispensers is kept secure with TLS/HTTPS encryption. The highest security standards are applied. Updates are also simplified with automatic over-the-air updates, removing the need to manually update each dispenser.

Retro, but futuristic

If you already own SanTRAL ® Plus devices but they are not yet connected device, you can easily upgrade them with our smart Retrofit Kit. Simply install the smart Retrofit Kit with our user-friendly instructions and your devices are transformed into smart devices in a few minutes.

A word from the designer

The series designer, Patrick Stressler, has been instrumental in the design and engineering of SanTRAL®. The new generation of the series is focused primarily on forward-looking innovations. When asked him about the core feature of the SanTRAL® Plus series, he shared that “the highlights are certainly the completely new generation of pumps and drives as well as the revolutionary idea that all devices are equipped with the possibility of digitalized connection to monitor level control. The series is completed with very attractive premium finishes—features that lift the product line to a new level.”

We will be your SanTRAL® Plus plus one

We install, you benefit. During the launch of SanTRAL ® Plus Smart, we can install the devices for you on site, to ensure an easy conversion to smart facility management. Contact us now!


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