Hand hygiene pump.
The DHP pump for Euro-dispensers with showerhead.

DHP disposable hand sanitizer pump is now even more user-friendly

Twelve small and precise nozzles of the recyclable disposable pump create a pleasant spray pattern on the palms of hospital staff during hand disinfection.

OPHARDT’s DHP disposable pumps, introduced in 2018, are now complemented by a sister product. We now offer recyclable disposable pumps with an innovative pump head made entirely of plastic. Sanitizer is evenly distributed through twelve, precision-engineered nozzles onto the user’s hand with a fine spray, providing an extremely pleasant feeling.

DHP single use pump for hand hygiene.
The DHP with showerhead.

The overall shape and design of the hygienic DHP disposable pumps is identical to the original product, keeping key features like tamper-proof barbs that ensure the pump is only used once. It also keeps the transparent silicone membrane which, importantly, hygienically seals the sanitizer bottle or bag to the pump.

Hospitals rely on disposable pumps for hand disinfection

Numerous hospitals are already taking advantage of the benefits of the DHP disposable pump. It is important that soap and disinfectant pumps are regularly autoclaved, a dishwashing-like process that treats these permanent pumps at high heat. Daily disinfection of pumps requires effort and consistency and is rarely feasible for medical facilities. The DHP disposable pumps solve this problem, making reprocessing obsolete.

The Oberammergau Clinic from the Upper Bavarian district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is one of many facilities that relies on the DHP disposable pumps for its ingo-man® euro dispensers and has seen clear benefits with these pumps. The clinic’s hygiene specialist, Heike Endres, is impressed with the recyclable disposable pumps: “By introducing the disposable pumps, we are sustainably optimizing our clinic-wide hygiene management. The pumps are rated positively overall by the hospital staff.”

DHP hand sanitizer pump.

In addition to the ingo-man® Euro dispensers, the RX dispenser system is also compatible with the disposable pumps.

Hygienic, recyclable, and sustainable

It was important to us that the DHP be as sustainable and the environmentally friendly as possible. An independent study by INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH founds these pumps to have exemplary recyclability. As part of the comprehensive analysis, the pumps were put through their paces and evaluated on various criteria. One focus was on separability from other waste. In the overall result, the DHP disposable pumps achieved a full 19 out of 20 points and have since borne a certified “Made for Recycling” seal.


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