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Recyclable DHP disposable pumps extend hygiene standard in Oberammergau clinic

Disposable pumps for hand hygiene dispenser systems reduce the effort of reprocessing and effectively prevent germs.

It is an integral part of optimum patient care in clinics and hospitals: Hand hygiene. Indicated for defined moments, hand disinfection is considered the most effective weapon in the fight against infectious diseases in everyday medical practice. A corresponding amount of disinfectant is usually removed from wall or bed-mounted dispenser systems. The heart of the hygiene dispenser is the dosing pump, which transports the liquid from the bottle to the hands of the hospital staff.

Innovative, simple, hygienic 

Installation DHP OPHARDT, pumps
Installation of DHP

In order to ensure proper function and hygienic operation, regular pump reprocessing is an important prerequisite. However, the careful implementation of this measure is associated with resource-intensive expenditure and is practically not always feasible for medical facilities. The Oberammergau Clinic in the Upper Bavarian district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen has recently started using an innovative alternative. Since the beginning of the year, all hand hygiene dispensers have been operated with the new DHP disposable pumps in patient rooms of acute areas and in highly frequented therapy areas. In addition, the complete mobile dispenser systems on care and dressing trolleys were equipped with the innovation. The clinic belonging to the Waldburg-Zeil clinics continues to be flexible and manufacturer-independent in its choice of filling materials. The disposable pumps are designed for use in ingo-man® plus dispensers that support the Euro bottle format and thus comply with the latest recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute (KRINKO).

Heike Endres, hygiene specialist at the Oberammergau Clinic, is satisfied after commissioning of the dosing pumps:

“The introduction of disposable pumps enables us to optimize our clinic-wide hygiene management in the long term. The pumps are assessed positively by the hospital staff “

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  • […] The Oberammergau Clinic from the Upper Bavarian district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is one of many facilities that relies on the DHP disposable pumps for its ingo-man® euro dispensers and has seen clear benefits with these pumps. The clinic’s hygiene specialist, Heike Endres, is impressed with the recyclable disposable pumps: “By introducing the disposable pumps, we are sustainably optimizing our clinic-wide hygiene management. The pumps are rated positively overall by the hospital staff.” […]