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Hand Disinfection as an Everyday Routine

It’s winter, it’s raining, and It‘s cold.  This creates a paradise for all cold viruses and the annual flu wave rushes through every office, causing coughs and sniffs everywhere. As a result, many colleagues are absent from work due to illness and productivity decreases.

Correct Prevention

Careful hand hygiene can make a significant contribution to limiting the effects of the winter wave of cold and flu bugs. Most pathogens are transmitted by the hands, and so to protect yourself and your colleagues from infection, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends the following procedure: Wet your hands with warm water, rub with soap and rinse thoroughly. Disposable or paper towels are best for drying hands after washing. The RKI advises against common towels, as they are often contaminated with germs.

When proper hand washing is not available, hand sanitizer is a great alternative. Simply apply the disinfectant to dry hands and rub throoughly for at least 30 seconds until the moisture has completely evaporated.

This process‘ sounds simple, and they are. So don’t forget the importance of proper hand hygiene to keep you and those around you safe and healthy this winter

Hand Disinfection Obligatory at the Workplace?

There are many industries where hand disinfection is mandatory in addition to washing hands. In all medical and nursing professions, the food service and food processing facilities, regular hand hygiene is standard and firmly anchored in everyday routine. These practices can greatly reduce the number of infections transmitted in their respective workplaces, so why not use the knowledge about the importance of hand hygiene in the fight against the annual cold wave for all industries?

Disinfection dispensers in every office and regular training courses to educate employees about the importance of hand hygiene are an effective weapon in the fight against common cold viruses. The impact this can mave is overwhelmingly positive as it keeps workers healthy and can help to reduce sick leave, especially during the winter months.

“The importance of hand hygiene in preventing flu transmission is still underestimated,”

states Axel Kramer, President of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene. In times of widespread influenza, hand hygiene can make an important contribution to curbing business and economic damage.

The hygiene experts highlight the advantage of hand disinfection as it is not exclusively bound to one fixed location. Hand disinfection dispensers can be set up anywhere quickly and easily to ensure that proper hand hygiene can be acieved regardless of location.

The Optimum Product for Every Area

OPHARDT hygiene offers an optimal solution for every area:


The PRAESIDIO® with its intuitive, non-contact operation and high-quality design ensures a high degree of user-friendliness with an elegant asethetic. The optional stand offers safe positioning in highly frequented entrance and corridor areas.


The RX and ingo-man® dispenser systems are particularly flexible and adaptable. With table-top or wall mounted dispenser options, these products make hand hygiene compliance possible in almost any scenario.




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