The DHP isn’t just uniquely hygienic, it is also uniquely recyclable.

DHP disposable pumps awarded highest category of recyclability

The pump designed for the highest hygiene standards and flexibility has received the “Made for Recycling” seal of approval by Interseroh

The DHP disposable pumps stand for manufacturer independence, the highest standard of hygiene, and the reduction of cleaning costs and complexity. Now the pump also stands for recyclability. In clinics and hospitals, the regular reprocessing (intensive cleaning) of dispenser systems for hand hygiene is not feasible, as required by some regulations. Thanks to their unique concept, the DHP solves this problem. Although the pump is compatible with any liquid in the Euro Bottle format, the safety wings on the suction pipe ensure that the pump is as hygienic as a sealed hygienic system by preventing reuse. Ensuring single-use in this context is critical, to prevent cross-contamination in a healthcare setting.

Designed with Recycling in mind

The DHP isn’t just uniquely hygienic, it is also uniquely recyclable. Our DHP, disposable hygiene pump, recently underwent an assessment to evaluate its recyclability within the German system. This assessment was conducted by the independent INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, a European-based waste management company. As part of the comprehensive analysis, the recyclability of DHP disposable pumps was assessed on the basis criteria developed and tested by bifa Environmental Institution and the Fraunhofer Institution for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV). Within the assessment, after-life scenarios for packaging are evaluated at each stage: collection, sorting, and recycling.  Packaging that are rated high on the recyclability assessment can help us close material loops and ultimately help us work toward a more circular economy. Scoring 19 out of 20 possible points, the DHP has achieved a ‘very good’ recyclability rating – the highest possible rating in the system. As a result, it is awarded the use of the seal “Made for Recycling”.

Regulations drive innovation

DHP disposable hygiene pumps
DHP: Easy and hygienic installation.

With the DHP disposable pumps, those responsible for medical facilities finally have a solution for soap and disinfectant dispensers that comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations.  In addition to the advantages described above from a hygienic, economic and ecological point of view, the pumps also meet the latest recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute (KRINKO) in two respects. Firstly, the plastic pumps are compatible with the Euro Bottle systems such as the ingo-man® and RX series. This means that users can continue to use products from different manufacturers – just as KRINKO demands. Secondly, the renowned commission specifically recommends the use of disposable pumps in soap dispensers, here too the DHP disposable pump is compliant.

The Oberammergau Clinic and the Lippstadt Protestant Hospital, among others, were early adopters of this solution, and have relied on DHP disposable pumps in hygiene-sensitive areas, such as intensive care units, to further optimize their internal hygiene management.

With the successful certification from Interseroh, OPHARDT hygiene is certain that the success of this product will continue into the future.



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