Compliance Campus OPHARDT hygiene
Lecturer Dr. Siegfried Steltenkamp and the students in the entrance area of the Compliance Campus.

The Compliance Campus as a lecture hall

The training centre for hand hygiene was the ideal venue for the lecture “Hygiene in Biology”.

Thorough hand hygiene is widely regarded as the simplest, most effective measure in preventing the spread of infection. As the threat of multi-drug resistant microorganisms continue to increase, so too, does the need for research and awareness on the importance of proper hand hygiene in infection prevention.

This need for additional research and awareness served as the catalyst for an event initiated by the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. More than twenty students from the Faculty of Life Sciences took part in the event, entitled “Hygiene in Biology.” The three-day course began with a comprehensive lecture of the general principles of hand hygiene, highlighting its importance in disease prevention. The lecture was followed by practical exercises on correct hand washing and hand disinfection techniques, which enabled students to try out the theoretical knowledge “on their own”. To round-out the first day of the course, students learned more about the great epidemics of human history, including a detailed account of the history of infectious diseases.

On the second day, experienced lecturer, Dr. Siegfried Steltenkamp, and lecturer Anna Ruhnau highlighted effective approaches to further improving hand hygiene in medical facilities and public areas. Following the lecture, Dr. Steltenkamp invited all students to attend a tour of the ‘Compliance Campus’ on behalf of the Lower Rhine family company, OPHARDT hygiene. Over the past few years, the Compliance Campus has served as a training centre for hand hygiene, offering visitors a practical, clinical environment to experience proper hand hygiene up close.

The Compliance Campus logo

The students’ visit was a special highlight for OPHARDT hygiene, and represents another milestone in the company’s goal to continually develop and support cross-sector cooperation. Back at the university, the format was so well received that discussions on further opportunities for cooperation are already taking place.

The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is regarded as an important educational institution in the northern Lower Rhine Region. The university has an international focus, offering more than 35 courses. Approximately one quarter of the courses are taught in the English language.

Learn more about the Compliance Campus and further events in the training centre.


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