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the untouchable™ nominated for 2019 German Design Award

The list of accolades grows for the innovative sensor-controlled system for hand hygiene

After winning the CMS Purus Award in 2017, the sensor-controlled multifunctional faucet system, the untouchable™ has been nominated for the 2019 German Design Award.
Every year, the German Design Award honours pioneering and innovative products based on various evaluation criteria, such as sustainability, functionality and overall concept. The coveted design award is part of one of the world’s most prestigious competitions for product and communication design, and is awarded by the German Design Council — a foundation initiated by the German Bundestag.

German Design Award
the untouchable

The untouchable™ is a promising product from OPHARDT hygiene in the category Bath and Wellness.
The sensor-controlled faucet system enables touchless dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant from one unit, which can significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination in applications where thorough hand hygiene is critical. High hygiene standards are further supported by an automatic self-cleaning function.

The sleek, integrated and timeless design of the untouchable™ compliments its functional qualities, offering a more sustainable approach to hand hygiene. Crafted from AISI 316 stainless steel, the untouchable™ is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long service life of the faucet system. Compared to conventional, manually operated faucet systems, users can experience a reduction in water consumption by up to 70 percent.
We are honoured to be nominated for the German Design Award, and we look forward to the Jury’s decision.


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