Dirty toilets damage the image of companies

Whether visiting a restaurant, theater, or gym, restrooms are available for guests everywhere. But how important is the washroom experience for customers determinaing whether to return to an establishment? That’s exactly what a telephone survey by Harris Interactive recently investigated.

And the results of the study are clear: 94% of respondents would not return to the establishment if they ever found a dirty toilets. Visitors expect clean washrooms in hotels and restaurants in particular. Seventy-nine percent named the hospitality industry as one of the sectors where clean washrooms are especially important. Further, the percentage of respondents that would no longer visit healthcare facilities or supermarkets with dirty washrooms were 77% and 50%, respectively. Clean restrooms are also a decisive factor for return customer visits to retail stores, gas stations, and car dealerships.

Industries, where visitors pay special attention to clean toilets

Dirty toilets: When is the visit unpleasant?

The study also provided information on the characteristics of a dirty washroom:

  • Toilets that are not flushed
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Trash cans filled to the brim
  • Toilet paper or paper towels on the floor
  • Empty toilet paper dispensers
  • Empty soap dispenser
  • Water on the floor in the sink area
  • Broken doors and toilet seats
  • Broken lights

But clean washrooms aren’t just about the experience while in the room: guests project their visit to the washroom on the quality of the service staff or the products offered.

Importance for the hospitality industry

Especially in the hospitality industry, personal referrals are the most effective marketing measure. Thanks to Google and social media, positive and negative comments can be  quickly posted. Once online, they are viewable by millions. Negative reactions can spread like wildfire.

Stay clean with a smart system

No more dirty toilets: The SanTRAL® Plus series notice per App which toiletdispensers need to refill.

With the connected SanTRAL® Plus washroom series, you can solve this problem in no time at all. The smart soap dispensers, waste cans, toilet paper holders, and paper towel dispensers, display fill levels and other helpful usage data via app. The product series is specifically designed for public washrooms. With a vandal-proof lock, a viewing window, and a sloped hood that prevents objects from being placed on the dispenser roof, it meets the demanding requirements of public restrooms. In addition, smooth welds, bends and powder coatings make it quick and easy to clean. The dispensers are available in standard Steel Touch, Arctic White and Midnight colors, as well as premium Oslo Blue, Copper Rose and Slate Grey.


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