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From wholesaler to buyer, cleaning solutions for toilets

Henry Kruse chooses SanTRAL® for its new headquarters

When opening their new headquarters in late 2016 – German hygiene and cleaning product distribution giant, Henry Kruse – chose the TSU 2 as the perfect hygiene product for their washrooms.

“A clean toilet seat is critical for a positive, hygienic washroom experience,” said Jan Stübinger, adding that the TSU 2 is a durable solution for toilet seat hygiene that also meets their aesthetic expectations.


The family owned company has been supplying customers in the healthcare, hotel, restaurant and facility management industry since 1934. The northern German distributor is one of the largest members of IGEFA, Europe’s leading specialized distribution group. When building their new headquarters in Neumünster, Germany, the company’s cleaning and disinfection experts for restrooms found an easy match for their hygiene standards, purchasing and installing 45 TSU 2s. The 250 ml, refillable disinfectant dispenser from the SanTRAL® series is used to dispense disinfectant onto paper products that users can use to clean toilet seats.

The dispenser comes labelled with a convenient graphic that explains the individual steps involved in a thorough disinfection using this product. By choosing this series, Henry Kruse is backed by the renowned reliability and quality of OPHARDT hygiene’s stainless steel, anti-fingerprint coated range, which comes with a standard five-year warranty. Finding an easy-to-refill system, with ease-of-use for users, and a reliable warranty were important criteria for Henry Kruse – and the TSU 2 delivers on every point.


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