Release notes for Kanary Jan 2023.

Kanary – a new era for OPHARDT’s smart monitoring solution

Our pioneering smart monitoring system for healthcare is now also a robust solution for facility management. OHMS (OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring Solution) is now Kanary. And we are changing more than just the name, but laying a foundation for the next decade of smart services.

Get early warnings with Kanary

Our refreshed name is a reference to the canary. For a long time, these birds served as an early warning system for miners. The narrow and deep galleries of the mines were a source of danger for the workers. Not only could oxygen become scarce here, but toxic gases—often odourless—could also be released. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous, a real threat to all workers underground. To prevent this danger, miners enlisted support from the animal kingdom. Canaries could recognise the outbreak of carbon monoxide at an early stage and thus save many lives of the workers underground. 

And this is exactly what our Kanary software is all about. It delivers early warnings through real-time alerts.

Kanary for the health sector

Kanary’s predecessor, OHMS, has been supporting clinics and hospitals in infection prevention for over a decade. On December 1, 2011, the very first hand disinfection was recorded through OPHARDT’s service. Almost 11 years later, we have logged over 50 million hand disinfections and the monitoring system has proven to be a vital tool for hospitals.

Digital hand hygiene monitoring is a massive leap forward for infection prevention. With this innovative technology, hospitals can improve hand hygiene compliance based on accurate and data that is collected 24/7. The smart dispensers measure when, where, and how much disinfectant was taken. And with the ingo-man® plus, when enough disinfectant has been dispensed, an LED above the dispenser lights up green. This combination of the smart hardware and the innovative software provides reliable usage data for hygienists to consistently improve infection prevention.

Kanary for facility management

In facility management, we can take a big step towards efficiency and ease of use with Kanary. Users now have a detailed overview of the state of their dispensers as well as pending and completed tasks. We can also adapt the software to the size of your company and its specific needs.

The pandemic has raised the public’s expectations for cleanliness. Not only do people expect sanitizer dispensers in entrances, but they expect that paper towel dispensers will always be filled, waste bins will not be overfilled, toilet paper needs to be available, and public washrooms should be clean. Kanary helps deliver and exceed these expectations. Smart dispensers send data about filling level and battery level to the software, where the need for cleaning and refilling tasks are created automaticaly. These tasks can then be delegated to staff, and tasks can even be automatically marked as complete when the system sees that a previously empty dispenser is now full. 

SanTRAL® Plus offers a complete, smart solution. With a full range of dispensers for washrooms, this intelligent stainless steel series takes washrooms to a new level.

Kanary continues to play well with others. If you are using a third-party solution, our APIs can be used to integrate our dispensers with your system. We also have a turnkey solution for using the facility management-specific service FacilityApps.

What is next?

The changes we are introducing with Kanary are not just aesthetic. We are completely re-engineering and modernizing the backend to improve the quality and speed of our software and set the stage to rapidly release more features. While this important work is happening, we will still be rolling out hand hygiene compliance alerts, cleaning standards and schedules, and revamped target setting.

Learn more about Kanary here.


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