OPHARDT Familienfreundlichkeit

OPHARDT awarded as a family-friendly company

The German site of the OPHARDT Hygiene was certified as a “family-friendly company (DIQP)” with the highest possible rating of “very good” as part of the certification process.

The award of the employer seal as a “Family-friendly company (DIQP)” followed a thorough assessment, which included a representative and anonymous employee survey and an interview with the HR department. The focus was on the family-friendliness of the company. All employees were able to take part in the survey and rate their employer. There was also the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement.

OPHARDT HYGIENE-TECHNIK GmbH received this award due to its communicated and practiced efforts to support the compatibility of family and career for its employees.

The German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing (DIQP) is the developer of this employer label and a registered association that has developed various standards for quality awards. SQC-QualityCert carries out certifications in accordance with the DIQP standards. In contrast to other awards for employers, an individual results page is created after a successful DIQP certification. The result is displayed there and the award conditions are also linked from there. In this way, the background to DIQP certification for family-friendly companies can be read transparently.

The Managing Director of SQC-QualityCert expressed his congratulations on the top score and the award: “The evaluation of the representative employee survey and the interview with the HR managers led to the excellent rating and well-deserved award. We congratulate the entire team on their excellent rating as a family-friendly company.”

OPHARDT Hygiene proud to be awarded as a family-friendly company

Thomas Houcken, General Manager of OPHARDT Hygiene, expressed his sincere thanks for the award: “We have a culture of collaboration and are committed to the well-being of our employees. They ensure our success every day and satisfy our customers. Thank you very much for the very positive rating.”

OPHARDT Hygiene has been offering reliable solutions for hand hygiene since 1962. Back then, Hermann Ophardt developed the ingo-man® hygiene dispenser in his garage, which is now part of the basic equipment in German hospitals.

The company mission “Break the Chain of Infection” emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene in the fight against infectious diseases. OPHARDT Hygiene has also been recognized for its innovative expertise in research and development. Over 500 registered patents are proof of the technological progress made by the hygiene company from the Lower Rhine.

In addition, OPHARDT operates an environmentally friendly production process, uses renewable energies and is committed to the conservation of nature. A significant part of the production takes place in Germany, with a focus on stainless steel and powder coating.

Eva Maria Wolf, HR Manager at OPHARDT Hygiene, also sees the award as an important building block in convincing potential employees to join the company: “The compatibility of family and career is an important criterion for many employees when choosing a job. We are delighted that our activities for the development of family-friendly structures have now also been officially recognized.”

The company is currently looking for new employees. Interested parties can apply via the careers page.


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