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OPHARDT Supports Hospital in Malawi

Hand disinfection is the most important measure for infection prevention. However, especially in the low-income regions of the world, people do not have access to appropriate hand disinfectants and dispenser systems. Through the Zomba-Hospital-Project e.V., OPHARDT Hygiene has participated in a non-profit project at a hospital in Malawi.

Our hands play a central role in the spread of bacteria, viruses, and the like. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are the main transmission route in up to 80 percent of all infections. Adequate hand disinfection is therefore essential to protect people from diseases. This measure is particularly important in medical facilities to prevent nosocomial infections.

Hand Hygiene Hospital in Malawi

Many countries, however, lack the “basics” in the area of infection prevention. These include effective alcohol-based hand disinfectants and reliable dispensing systems for the application of these products. This is where part of the work of the Zomba-Hospital-Project e.V. comes in. The non-profit association supports one of the largest hospitals in the East African country of Malawi through regular projects to improve medical standards and the care of the local people.

As project leader, the physician Dr. med. G. E. Jung works in the association. He describes the situation of hand hygiene on site: ‘Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Relatively expensive alcoholic hand disinfectant has not been available until now. As part of a non-profit project, our association has been producing and distributing cost-effective alcoholic hand disinfectant according to the WHO formula at one of Malawi’s central hospitals since September 2023.’

Hand disinfectant dispensers for hospital in Malawi

In a recently completed sub-project, the association also equipped the Zomba Hospital with numerous ingo-man® hand disinfectant dispensers from OPHARDT Hygiene. The robust sanitizer dispensers are legendary for reliable dosing and lasting a long time—important aspects for the hospital in Malawi.

After a first contact, an active collaboration quickly ensued between OPHARDT and Dr. Jung, who is pleased with the company’s commitment: ‘Thanks to the generous support of OPHARDT, we have already been able to install a total of 60 sanitizer dispensers on site. From the use of these quality dispensers, we expect a possibly long lifespan in the context of high stress and limited maintenance possibilities.’

For further information about the project, please feel free to contact the non-profit association. The association has also set up a donation account for support.

Contact details
Dr. med. G. E. Jung
Zomba-Hospital-Projekt e.V.
Website: https://zombaprojekt.de
Email: gregor-eric.jung@t-online.de

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Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärzte Bank
IBAN: DE59 3006 0601 0006 8253 74
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