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OPHARDT honoured for outstanding research and development in Germany

OPHARDT Hygiene has been awarded the renowned BSFZ seal for its comprehensive work in research and development.

Recently, OPHARDT Hygiene surpassed the milestone of having 500 registered patents. This achievement highlights the outstanding focus on innovation of our global company. Now, the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education has awarded OPHARDT Hygiene with the BSFZ seal for its outstanding work in research and development.

The official BSFZ seal

The BSFZ seal is awarded exclusively to companies that are eligible to claim funding from the

Das offizielle BSFZ-Siegel
The official BSFZ seal

research allowance after undergoing the accreditation process by the Research Allowance Certification Office (BSFZ). The technical and legal supervision of the BSFZ is the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The seal is awarded in two variants. OPHARDT Hygiene is awarded the red seal, which recognizes in-house research and development achievements.

An insight into the latest research and development at OPHARDT

A current example of the groundbreaking innovation that the research team at OPHARDT Hygiene is working on is contamination detection of biological microparticles for direct quality analysis of hand hygiene. This verification of hand contamination for pathogens, for example, is incorporated into a moveable hand sanitizer dispenser, allowing it to be perfectly integrated into the hospital infrastructure.

“Contamination detection controlled from the sanitizier dispenser seems almost impossible at first, but the outstanding research activity at OPHARDT means it is no longer impossible,” reports Dr. Siegfried Steltenkamp. Having spent many years at OPHARDT Hygiene working on new research concepts, Dr. Steltenkamp see the potential that R&D can bring to continuously improve hand hygiene. Automatic germ detection being just one project that could change hand hygiene.

Innovations a part of the OPHARDT DNA

The fact that research and development has enjoyed a high priority ever since the company was founded in 1962 is demonstrated by the first ingo-man® hygiene dispenser. Company founder Hermann Ophardt—an engineer by trade—tinkered in his garage on the Lower Rhine and developed the ingo-man®, a perfection product that reliably dispensed the alcohol-based hand sanitizers that were new at the time.

Today, the development departments of the globally distributed OPHARDT sites work “hand in hand” to constantly bring new hygiene solutions to the market and to convince customers with innovative products for infection prevention.


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