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Ophardt Hygiene Monitoring System
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Ophardt Hygiene and Wyman’s of Maine: Working to improve hygiene in food manufacturing

Efficiency and Innovation in Hand Hygiene

The importance of hand hygiene cannot be understated, especially when working in hygiene sensitive environments.  Health care environments require vigorous protection against germs and infection, but so do food processing facilities.

Ophardt Hygiene has recently worked with Wyman’s of Maine to implement the Ophardt Hygiene Monitoring System (OHMS). The goal was to increase compliance of hand hygiene and improve efficiencies throughout their facility.

Wyman’s was looking to find new ways to minimize risk of product contamination in the food manufacturing environment and so they recently installed state-of-the-art, touchless hand sanitizing units from Ophardt that includes the OHMS.

OHMS intelligent dispensers automatically and continuously record their usage data, making it easier to monitor and enforce compliance with hand hygiene.  Managers can access detailed reports on hand hygiene behavior via web-based software in real time.  Using this information, compliance can be improved in the long term, which reduces the risk of product contamination.

This comprehensive solution was originally targeted for use in hospitals and medical facilities where hand hygiene is critical.  However, considering the public concern regarding foodborne illnesses and recalls involving norovirus and hepatitis A, these units were identified by Registered Chemicals Corporation as perfect for food/beverage manufacturers that are committed to Food Safety. Registered Chemicals Corporation partnered with Ophardt Hygiene and approached Wymans of Maine of the idea. Wyman’s is passionate about food safety and recognized the value of this new technology.  As such, they agreed to become the first food manufacturer in the world to implement the OHMS.

The new OHMS had not only increased the overall hygiene for Wyman’s of Maine, but also increased efficiency for their facilities management team as well. The web based software is designed for detailed analysis which allows for peak usage and expected fill time predictions.

The OHMS combines advanced pumps and dispensers with cutting-edge technology that ultimately helps business and organizations stay healthy and efficient in their hygiene efforts.

The effect of increased hand hygiene compliance has positive benefits in a wide variety of environments such as food processing facilities. The OHMS provides an extra level of security in the effort to reduce and eliminate the spread of germs and infection.


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