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The untouchable Nominated again!

The OPHARDT hygiene team is proud to announce the nomination of the untouchable for Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards 2019. Our gesture-controlled, multifunctional faucet – which combines water, soap and disinfectant – has once again been recognized as an innovative product!

The eighth Cleaning Awards have nominated 50 of the cleaning industry’s leading innovations and solutions that deserve industry recognition. With the untouchable already winning the PURUS Innovation Award 2017, and a German Design Award in 2019, the untouchable appears to garner recognition for both its elegant design and unique interface. Through the use of infrared sensors , the untouchable reads swiping motions above the faucet to alternate between dispensing water, soap and disinfectant.

At OPHARDT hygiene, we believe that business, the environment and society are interdependent. We believe in providing people with opportunities for growth and success while working for a healthy, sustainable future for our planet. For this reason, we are working hard to support human health with our products. The intuitive delivery of water, soap and disinfectants should encourage users to improve hygiene standards and decrease the spread of infections.

Commenting on the awards, Tomorrow’s Cleaning editor Martin Wharmby said:

“The sheer depth and breadth of quality products and services that were nominated and have made it into this year’s Awards is a testament to what the cleaning industry is capable of. It was a genuine struggle to whittle it down to just 50 finalists.”

As always, there can only be one winner! The Cleaning Awards determine winners by popular vote, and voting couldn’t be easier, just click here and vote for the untouchable before Friday, March 15, 2019.

Support and vote for whoever you think deserves it most! The  Ophardt hygiene team thanks you.


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