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German dental practice use the multifunctional untouchable™ faucet
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Gesture – controlled infection prevention

German dental practice use the multifunctional untouchable™ faucet

Hand hygiene is the most basic prerequisite for providing safe patient care. In medical facilities, pathogens quickly pass from the staff to the patient and, often leading to infections. The problem becomes much more serious when multi-resistant bacteria are responsible for the infection, significantly increasing the difficulty of the path to recovery.

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of hands therefore plays a critical role not only in clinics and hospitals, but also in dental practices where there is significant added value for patients and staff. Hand sanitization before and after patient contact is required. Hands with any visible contaminants must be washed with a mild soap and water.

Touchless hygiene

The joint dental practice Smile am Rhein, Dr. med. dent. Dana Adyani-Fard & Dr. med. dent. Barbara Schnorr chose an innovative way to inspire infection prevention. The facility in the Lower Rhine region of Germany has recently started using the touch free, multifunctional untouchable™ fitting system for hygienic dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant from a single unit. The gesture – controlled technology effectively reduces the risk of cross-contamination. An automatic hygienic rinsing program also prevents the formation of legionella. The system is used in two treatment rooms and enables a high standard of hand hygiene within the clinic. The intuitive operation of this tap promotes frequency of use by the staff. Dentist Dr. Adyani-Fard was impressed by the system.

“This tap not only convinces us from a hygienic and functional point of view, but also fits perfectly into our joint practice aesthetically.”

The innovation was recently awarded the German Design Award 2019 and visibly enhances every room thanks to its high-quality workmanship made of corrosion-resistant AISI 316 stainless steel.


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