Bei OPHARDT Hygiene wird Nachhaltigkeit groß geschrieben

OPHARDT Hygiene publishes the Sustainability Report 2021

OPHARDT Hygiene’s recently published our 2021 Sustainability Report. We have again taken a big step towards climate neutrality and are acting to do our part in the face of a climate crisis. In 2021, we also launched some important product lines—ones that were developed with the environment in mind.

OPHARDT Takes Steps Toward Climate Neutrality

The year 2021 was an exceptionally important one for OPHARDT’s environmental actions. It was in this year that we announced our goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045. This goal covers both our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. We took a large step toward achieving this goal by installing two solar PV systems at our manufacturing location in Ballymote, Ireland.

The site is now equipped with two 100 kWp systems, capable of producing a combined total of approximately 162,000 kWh of renewable energy. Moving forward, renewable energy produced on-site through these systems will provide nearly 13% of OPHARDT Ballymote’s electricity requirements. It will also bring the total group-wide solar production within the OPHARDT Group to 2% of annual electricity requirements, up from 0.5% in 2021.

In 2012, we commissioned our first solar PV installation at our location in Maaseik, Belgium. Since then, this system has been providing up to 17% of electricity requirements at the manufacturing location.  In 2019, we commissioned a second solar PV installation at our location in Beamsville, Canada. We will continue to expand our renewable energy portfolio across the OPHARDT Group.

“With the investment in a new photovoltaic system at our site in Ballymote, Ireland, we were able to take another important step towards climate neutrality. This has brought total group-wide solar production within the OPHARDT Group to 2% of annual electricity demand, up from 0.5% in 2021.”

Jessica Hunt, Sustainability Manager at OPHARDT Hygiene

Good events for a good cause

Our Canadian team has a long tradition of participating in charitable fundraisers for local organizations in need. This continued in 2021, with events like OPHARDT’s Amazing, Race challenge, Family Feud: OPHARDT Edition, or OPHARDT’s Got Talent.

Through these activities, raffles, and the generous donations of the company and its employees, our Canadian team was able to collect a total of over $5,100 CAD (about $4,000 USD). Of the funds raised, $2,072 CAD was donated to the Fort Youth Centre, a youth center, and $2,072 CAD was donated to Elisha House, a pregnancy and family support center.

OHMS celebrates recording 50 million hand disinfections

In 2021, our hand hygiene monitoring system, OHMS, (now Kanary) recorded its 50 millionth hand disinfection. Without costly personal intervention, the combination of the OHMS software and the ingo-man® SmartNose improves hand hygiene for hospital staff. At the time of santization, a green LED lights up on each dispenser when the correct amount of filling material has been removed. At the same time, our software records hand hygiene compliance data and sends alerts about near-empty dispensers to ensure improved compliance.

Awards for SanTRAL® Plus


In 2021, our next-generation washroom series SanTRAL® Plus was also added to the product portfolio. In March, the first six products in our smart washroom series were launched on the market. These devices gave users the chance to connect their washroom dispensers and waste bins to their network for timely alerts about fill levels and battery levels.

This innovation series also received an award. SanTRAL® Plus not only received the German Design Special Mention Award in 2021, but was also named “Best-of-Best” at the ICONIC Award: innovative Interior. The sustainable components of the SanTRAL® Plus also got noticed and it was named a Green Product Award winner.

Want to learn more? Read our Sustainability Report now!


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