ingo-man® SmartNose unveiling in Germany

Freiburger congress with OPHARDT hygiene
Team OPHARDT hygiene at Freiburger congress 2019

The 2019 Infectiology and Hygiene Congress in Freiburg attracted more than 1,500 hospital hygiene experts to Freiburg.

The Freiburg Infectiology and Hygiene Congress is regarded as one of the most important events in the field of hospital hygiene in Europe. Every year in October, numerous hygiene experts from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria come together to discuss current developments in the field of healthcare hygiene. During the three-day congress, which is organized by the German Advisory Centre for Hygiene (BZH), visitors can also find out about the latest new products and innovations from the industry.

Hand hygiene monitoring has never been this easy

ingo-man® SmartNose

In the midst of this congress, OPHARDT hygiene unveiled the ingo-man® SmartNose. This intelligent, retrofittable module is compatible with all existing 500ml Euro dispensers of the ingo-man® plus series. The module can be installed into Europe’s most popular healthcare dispenser in just a few seconds. This means that in the blink of an eye, a functioning dispenser can be transformed to deliver critical data on when a dispenser was activated, how much was dispensed, and where the dispenser was located. This in turn helps those responsible for hygiene to precisely analyse and effectively improve hand hygiene behaviour. Just one example would be identifying rarely used disinfectant dispensers with the help of a few mouse clicks in the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System (OHMS) software, allowing the dispensers to be repositioned to improve infection prevention. The smart technology also allows an evaluation of the hand hygiene quality, by identifying the average amount dispensed per hand disinfection – a data point which allows facilities to target training based on real performance data.

Besides the classical smart integration, the the ingo-man® SmartNose has taken a step toward improving quality of hand hygiene itself with the help of a feedback LED. Thanks to a little green drop at the top of the module, staff are notified exactly when they have dispensed the optimal amount of disinfectant. This is an important building block for improving hand hygiene compliance in the long term.

An all-round successful appearance

PRAESIDIO touchless disinfectant dispenser

Overall, this new introduction from the OPHARDT intelligent Solutions (OiS) suite of products, quickly established itself as a highlight of the BZH Congress. The importance hand hygiene monitoring was underscored at the OPHARDT Lunch Symposium on the second day of the event. After the informative lecture by Prof. Dr. Reinier Mutters entitled “Disinfectant dispensers: myths and facts”, Arno Markus-Lojewsky from the HDZ NRW in Bad Oeynhausen delivered data showing eye-popping improvements in their hand hygiene programming after using OHMS over the last four years.

In addition to the product innovation, OPHARDT hygiene presented further hygiene solutions for the medical sector, including recyclable DHP disposable pump, the ingo-man® plus and RX dispenser systems. In addition, a total of eight touchless PRAESIDIO® hand disinfectant dispensers provided visitors at highly frequented locations at the congress, with a little taste of how eye-catching dispensers can add to an infection prevention program.

The Freiburg Infectiology and Hygiene Congress will take place next year from 05.10 – 07.10.2020.

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