OPHARDT Wissen zur Händehygiene
Das OHMS-Wiki bietet viel Wissen rund um die Händehygiene.
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OHMS gets powerful new knowledge base

OHMS—OPHARDT’s solution for smart hand hygiene monitoring—now includes a knowledge base with key information on infection prevention as well as software features.

With a newly introduced Wiki, OPHARDT is expanding its digital portfolio and offering hygiene managers comprehensive information on the topics of hand hygiene, infection prevention, and our dispenser systems.

This Wiki will be a key part of the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS) software and accessible for all OHMS customers from the central dashboard with a single click. Currently, the OHMS Wiki includes basic information on hand hygiene in healthcare and concise explanations of our smart santizier dispensers and their functions. It also provides help for using the OHMS software to create optimum conditions for infection protection.

Expanding the hygiene horizon

The timing of this new knowledge comes as people around the world are trying to ensure that the infection prevention remains central. New studies, new guidelines, and new features in the software will be continuously incorporated into the platform to provide added value to hygiene managers at all times. Chief developer, Josh Geurts, is very pleased with the feedback so far, stating, “With the wiki, we have added another useful piece of the puzzle to OHMS for our customers. The initial reactions have been consistently positive.”

OHMS has been supporting hospital hygiene for more than ten years with accurate hand hygiene data that is available 24/7. In 2021, OHMS broke the mark of 50 million measured hand disinfections since its introduction in 2011.

Knowledge is power

In addition to our software, our hardware helps deliver hygiene monitoring and even improve hand with on-device features. This is especially true of the ingo-man® SmartNose. The intelligent product is compatible with the disinfectant dispensers of the ingo-man® plus brand and sports an innovative feedback function for the user. As soon as enough sanitizer is dispensed from the ingo-man®, a green LED flashes briefly and confirms that enough sanitizer has been used. We believe that knowledge is power and are working hard to ensure that we are equipping healthcare workers with that knowledge at the point of sanitization and while use OHMS.


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