OPHARDT publishes its 2019 Sustainable Development Report

At OPHARDT Hygiene, we’ve outlined three main sustainability goals: improve health and well-being, cultivate stronger communities, and foster a thriving environment. We strive to make meaningful contributions to the circular economy and preserve our planet for future generations.

Our fourth annual Sustainability Development Report outlines how we are contributing to a healthy world and a more circular economy. This report is based on the internationally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Over 77 pages, you will find detailed information on the social and ecological measures taken by the OPHARDT Group of Companies to meet our sustainability goals. Covering the period from January 1 to December 31, 2019, the report includes information on all six of our production sites in Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines. Highlights from the report are included below.

Improve health and well-being 

sustainable development report
ingo-man® plus dispenser

In 2019, we achieved a breakthrough in healthcare-focussed hand hygiene monitoring and on-dispenser feedback with our SmartNose retrofit for ingo-man® plus dispensers. Through an integrated feedback LED, the SmartNose automatically indicates to hospital staff when sufficient hand sanitizer has been dispensed. These nudges, or auto-interventions, are time and cost-saving ways to increase hand hygiene compliance.

To promote shared knowledge and build expertise, we held our fourth annual BRAIN Forum at our Compliance Campus in Issum. This conference brought together the health and hygiene industry to network and share ideas on infection prevention.

Cultivate stronger communities 

sustainable development report
Beamsville, Canada

In 2019, we continued the long tradition of investing in our local communities. At our German site, we held our third annual Charity Badminton Tournament to raise funds for the employee-run non-profit organization RESPONSIBILITY e.V.

At our Canadian site, we held our 13th Annual Charity Event. Throughout the course of a week in October, colleagues took part in a variety of events to raise funds for donation to local charities.

Foster a thriving environment 

sustainable development report

Sustainable product development is an important topic at OPHARDT Hygiene. Following rigorous testing, we introduced a new line of pumps containing FDA approved post-consumer recycled resins, including our X10 and BTF pumps.

We also aim to be good environmental stewards. On World Environment Day last year, the global OPHARDT team organized local activities to promote environmental awareness.

Learn more about our activities and initiatives in our 2019 Sustainable Development Report.

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