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Universal Liquid Pumps join our 38mm pump families

Flexibility is at the centre of our approach to building dispensers. While other dispensers are locked into one type of dispensing—like foam, liquid, or spray—we offer dispensers with a wide range of different pump types. We are always pushing to give you greater flexibility, which is why we have developed a Universal Liquid pump family for our OPHARDT X38 pumps.

The X38 pumps are pumps that fit into our Neptune, KX, and UX dispensers. The X38 pump portfolio is already our most extensive, with a pump for every situation. The question we asked our team to spur the development of this new pump family was, “Can we make a pump that a pump that does it all? Can we design a pump that can handle a wide range of liquid types and viscosities like liquid alcohol, soaps, and gels that can also be fitted with a shower or spray head?”

This is a tall order, especially when we added our additional requirements. Like all OPHARDT pumps, we needed this pump family to adhere to our drip-free standards. It is simpler to create a drip-free pump for a specific viscosity, where we can tailor each part of the pump for one type of liquid. Ensuring a drip-free experience for everything from runny and watery liquid alcohol to much more viscos gels took ingenuity. Using OPHARDT-designed CleanTip™ technology, we were able to overcome the challenges of ensuring that an incredible range of viscosities are supported by a single pump to deliver drip-free dispensing.

A vented, universal liquid pump.

The challenges did not end there. We also needed to deliver a vented pump with exceptionally low venting pressure. Vented pumps are needed when you want to use rigid or non-collapsing bottles. As liquid leaves the bottle it must be replaced by air to prevent bottle distortion, which can stop the dispenser from working properly on top of being aesthetically displeasing.

As many customers are developing bottles that have thinner and thinner walls, we needed this pump to have very low venting pressure. The thinner the bottle, the easier it is for distortions to occur. We absolutely support the creation of thin-wall bottles as they use less plastic. Every bit of plastic that we can cut out of the manufacturing process helps create a more sustainable hygiene industry, a goal that we are wholeheartedly behind.

Lastly, this pump also had to support multiple dosages, a key feature of our KX dispenser.

We wanted to provide a universal pump for liquid products that loses none of the performance advantages of OPHARDT pumps but can offer incredible

Our engineers and designers were able to create a pump that checks all these boxes. It supports an extremely wide range of viscosities and liquid types. We can create it as a regular pump or we can build it with a spray or shower head. It is a vented pump with very low venting pressure. It supports multiple dosages.

The goal here is to offer an incredible product with exceptional performance that could benefit from economies of scale—one pump for a whole range of products and needs.

The Universal Liquid pumps join the other 38mm pump families, like the 38mm Classic first generation pumps and the 38mm Plus third generation pumps.

To learn more about our Universal Liquid pumps (code named the X1738 pump family), contact our sales team.


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