SanTRAL® Plus und ingo-man® werden von der Bundeswehr verwendet.
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OPHARDT’s products for the Bundeswehr

With 183,000 soldiers, the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) is a very large organization. And from now on, our products will bring hygienic safety to the Bundeswehr. Our SanTRAL® Plus series dispensers, waste garbage cans & co. are moving into barracks and buildings, as well as various ingo-man® dispensers.

The German Armed Forces have been part of German society for 65 years. They are helping with the flood disaster in Ahrweiler, are involved in national defense through the NATO alliance, and are participating in UN peace missions. As a result, German soldiers are also serving in other countries, like Kosovo, Jordan, and South Sudan.

However, the German Armed Forces is not just made up of soldiers. Around 82,000 civilian employees also work for our country on a daily basis, making the German Armed Forces one of the largest employers in the German public sector. In addition to soldiers, they employ gardeners, psychologists, painters, office management assistants, administrative assistants, and animal keepers. Every year around 1,300 young people start their careers with the Bundeswehr in over 50 different types of apprenticeships. These apprecenticeships equip young folks for business, technical work, medical professions, and the trades. 

For the Bundeswehr in action: SanTRAL® Plus and ingo-man®

SanTRAL Plus and ingo-man for the Bundeswehr

To offer a comprehensive hygiene solution for its employees and members, the Bundeswehr relies on various products from OPHARDT Hygiene. One of these is the ingo-man®: Germany’s best-known disinfectant dispenser can be used with 500 ml or 1 L containers, as required, thanks to the open Euro bottle format. 

SanTRAL® Plus devices are also being used across the organizaiton. The flexibility of this product line was very appealing to them. SanTRAL® products have always been designed as an open system, so that compatibility with products from different manufacturers can be guaranteed, giving them benefit of a reliable and cost-effective supply of filling materials.

The features of these devices also drew the Bundeswehr to this lineup. High design that is perfect for high-traffic areas, these devices are made out of a single piece of stainless steel and have vandal-proof locks. The viewing window makes checking product fill levels easy. These devices protect against the placement of foreign objects with an elegant sloping roof design. Smooth welds, bends, and powder coatings ensure quick and easy cleaning.

To be future-compatible, they have ordered Smart Ready devices, which can be converted to a smart version at any time within a few minutes. The many benefit of smart monitoring and alerts can be rolled out across the organization to increase efficiency and track infection prevention. 

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