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PRAESIDO Sanitizer Dispenser in a Sports Orthopedics Center

With the PRAESIDIO® touchless hand sanitizer dispenser in the entrance area of the practice, the Center for Sports Orthopedics in Freiburg offers its patients infection protection and shows that it cares about hands as well as feet.

It stands out. The PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispenser cannot be overlooked when entering the renowned healthcare facility Zentrum Sportorthopädie (ZSO). While the dispenser commands attention, it still manages to fit in visually with the environment of the facility. The practice is located in the middle of the health center district of the city of Freiburg and stays busy with 30,000 patient treatments per year.

“The look and functionality of the PRAESIDIO dispenser are simply right.”

Katharina Ogon, practice manager at the Zentrum Sportorthopädie

As a result, hygiene is of particular importance to the ZSO. The PRAESIDIO® in the entrance area of the practice is primarily for patients and their companions. During a conversation on site, practice manager Katharina Ogon emphasizes that because of COVID-19, the desire for hand disinfection among patients “has increased greatly and the touch-free sanitizer dispenser was actually very well used from the very first moment.”

PRAESIDIO Sanitizer Dispenser: Eye-catching hand hygiene

The PRAESIDIO Sanitizer Dispenser
The PRAESIDIO Dispenser

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the sports orthopedic facility, which is internationally renowned, has relied on the advantages of the PRAESIDIO®. Staff at the ZSO first encountered this dispenser at a local dental office that had featured the Made-in-Switzerland device for some time. This office reported positive first-hand experience to the ZSO. During an initial free test period, the PRAESIDIO sanitizer dispenser immediately drew good reactions from doctors, staff, and patients in the sports orthopedics department.

The ease of use and dependability of the PRAESIDIO® were just as important to the ZSO as the appealing design or the robust stand that makes it easy to set up anywhere in a room. “The look and functionality are simply right,” is how Katharina Ogon sums up the advantages. And details such as the viewing window on the side for checking the fill level and its extremely quiet operation are also appreciated by the staff.

The ability to choose sanitizer manufacturers

Compatibility with the 1 litre Euro bottle standard format ensures that hand sanitizers from different manufacturers can be used. In the face of supply bottlenecks, this flexibility is a huge advantage for the practice.

It is worth mentioning that ZSO also relies on the open Euro bottle format in their treatment and examination rooms. In these rooms, the practice relies on dispenser systems from the popular ingo-man® series for washing and disinfecting the hands of medical staff.

The highest standards for hygiene and medical treatments

The Center for Sports Orthopedics specializes in shoulder and knee therapy with its highly skilled team of doctors led by Prof. Dr. med. Peter Ogon, who has been consistently honoured by the renowned Focus Physician Ranking since 2006. The ZSO combines optimal medical care with the highest level of hygiene and infection protection through its placement of sanitizer dispensers for both staff and patients.


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