Euro Bottle Hand Hygiene
An open dispenser system that accepts bottles from different manufacturers is an indispensable tool to protect patients and staff.

The Euro-Bottle – Freedom, Flexibility, Reliability

Open dispenser systems benefit patient, user, and provider

In 1973 Ophardt developed the standard Euro-bottle in close cooperation with clinical professionals. Since then this format has established itself as the  „Standard“ throughout hospitals within German speaking countries – guidelines recommend the use of dispensers compatible with the Euro-bottle for medical institutions.

„The Euro-bottle offers us great flexibility when selecting hand disinfection products and the possibility to use products of different manufactures.  An open, independent system is a deciding factor when introducing dispensers.

Dr. med. Béatrice Grabein Head Physician of Clinical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene at the University Hospital of Munich.

The range of hand hygiene products available to hospitals is huge. Numerous manufactures offer hand disinfection and cleaning products in an almost identical Euro-bottle shape.

Reliable supply, free decision

Thanks to the standardised shape and size of the Euro-bottle both users and service providers are guaranteed flexibility when selecting soap and disinfecting products. The numerous products available differ in their composition and their effectiveness offering flexibility to those using an „open system“ for hand hygiene.

Dimensions of the Euro-Bottle

This in turn means that when demand for hand hygiene products is high – e.g. during pandemics – there is no risk of short supply and the prerequisites for effective hand hygiene can be fulfilled.

Economically independent, Conformity with Directives

An „open system“ provides purchasing departments with economical advantages. The freedom to choose from many different products of various manufacturers leads to significant savings and in the long-term to optimised purchase management.

The standardised Euro-bottle complies with current national directives: the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene) (DGKH) and the Hygiene and Infection protection commission (KRINKO) recommend neutrality for the selection of dispenser systems and the independent selection of hand hygiene products.

Equipped with OPHARDT Hygiene dispenser systems

Under the guiding principle  „Remain neutral“ the ingo-man® dispenser systems are compatible with the Euro-bottle and support medical institutions to guarantee long-lasting improvements in hand hygiene. The RX-dispenser range, another Ophardt product, supports and optimises the „open“ dispenser systems and their availability to support hand hygiene.


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