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Stefan Titt explains his experiences with the ingo-man dispensers.
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Community Hospital Bonn acquires new equipment for hand hygiene

The academic teaching hospital of the University of Bonn relies on the ingo-man® plus dispenser system for effective infection protection.

It is widely accepted that hand hygiene – practiced at the right times and in the right way – is the simplest, most effective measure to effectively break the chain of infection. In healthcare institutions, hand hygiene plays a key role in patient health, which is made all the more critical when caring for immunocompromised patients.

To ensure a high standard of hand hygiene in hospitals, hand disinfectant dispensers must be widely available, in well-thought out locations. Although dispensers are primarily used by medical staff, patients and visitors can also contribute to effective infection prevention by taking the time to properly disinfect their hands.  In Germany, hospitals must abide by KRINKO recommendations, which outline the requirements of hygiene dispensers and their placement.

Quality hand hygiene

The ingo-man plus

To meet the strictest hygiene regulations – including KRINKO recommendations – and achieve its own goals of optimal hygiene standards, the Community Hospital Bonn recently chose to integrate the renowned ingo-man® dispenser series as part of their hygiene infrastructure. Reliable operation and durable product design were among the top criteria in the decision-making process. The simple front-removal of the pump guarantees comfortable handling, which was an additional benefit to choosing the ingo-man® dispenser series.

More than 1,000 dispensers are installed in the wards at the hospital, which are mainly used for concise dosage of hand disinfectants, as well as for dispensing of soaps and lotions. Thanks to the many robust mounting solutions, brackets, and angle plates, the dispenser locations can be optimized for maximum hygiene coverage, from point-of-care, to hallways and entrance areas.

Flexible with disinfectant and soap

Like most facilities, the Community Hospital (Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus) Bonn uses filling goods from different manufacturers. Because a central design feature of the ingo-man® dispenser series includes Euro-bottle compatibility, hygiene specialists are able to switch between suppliers and fulfill the KRINKO recommendations. By using different manufacturers, hygiene staff can ensure that the individual product preferences of the medical staff can be met, while also retaining the ability to change suppliers should a bottleneck in supply occur.

The open dispenser format has an immense advantage regarding flexibility. We can use hand disinfectants from different manufacturers and also respond to individual preferences.

Stefan Titt, Hygiene Specialist at the Community Hospital Bonn

Infection prevention is in good hands at the Community Hospital Bonn, which is particularly reflected in the highly innovative dispenser equipment, as well as participation in important awareness initiatives, such as the Clean Hands Campaign.


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