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Touchless hand hygiene with PRAESIDIO.
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Sigma Centre Bad Säckingen protects against infections with OPHARDT Hygiene’s PRAESIDIO®

The private specialist clinic for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine promotes hand hygiene in its entrance areas with prominently displayed Hi-Vis-coloured disinfectant dispensers.

Hand hygiene is regarded as a key measure to effectively prevent infections, especially within medical facilities. Disinfectant dispensers are installed in the entrance and reception areas, as well as in the different wards, serving as “points of contact”, to establish an initial barrier against infections. While hospital staff play a critical role in protecting patients and themselves from illness-causing pathogens by practicing thorough hand disinfection, so too do visitors to the hospital.

Hand disinfection clearly in sight

The Sigma Centre in Bad Säckingen, Baden-Württemberg, focuses on drawing the attention of clinic visitors, in particular, to infection protection as part of its comprehensive hygiene concept. Following a successful testing phase, staff at the Sigma Centre made the decision to invest in the touch-free hygiene dispensers as a permanent fixture in the Centre. Three custom-designed PRAESIDIO disinfectant dispensers are now prominently placed in the entrance areas to remind visitors to disinfect their hands upon entering the facility. The patented pump technology used in the PRAESIDIO ensures full product coverage over the hands, while avoiding the creation of aerosols. Thanks to the dispensers’ compatibility with 1L containers in Euro bottle format, hygiene specialists can seamlessly switch between hand disinfectants from different manufacturers. The robust, portable disinfection stands purchased together with the PRAESIDIO® dispensers enables flexible positioning of the dispensers to further optimize dispenser location should the need arise.

Immediately after the introduction of the devices, Mrs. Christine Völkel, Hygiene Specialist at the Sigma Clinic, observed a high level of acceptance and use of the hand disinfectant dispensers.

Hand disinfection is the best disease prevention. By placing the disinfection devices at the entrances, we want to further increase hygiene standards in our clinic through the use of visual prompts.

Christine Völkel, Hygiene Specialist at the Sigma Clinic

Visitors are often in closer contact with their loved-ones, which increases the risk of germ transmission. This installation serves as a good example of how relatives can be encouraged to practice infection prevention through hand disinfection, a valuable building block for patient safety.

Hand disinfection clearly in sight.


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