UKSH relies on OPHARDT Hygiene
The unique product design allows the ingo-slide to be easily opened by briefly touch with the tip of the foot.
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University Hospital in Northern Germany chooses ingo-slide

More than 120 hands-free ingo-slide waste bins are used on the trolleys of the renowned University Hospital.

In about 80 per cent of cases, it is the hands that begin the chain of infection. This makes measures that effectively reduce the risk of transmission all the more important, especially in hygiene-sensitive areas. The typical way to reduce transmission is through hand disinfection.

Another important cornerstone of infection prevention is the hands-free or touch free operation of medical devices, which significantly minimizes the potential of cross-contamination. The hygienic “no-hands” principle is ideal for dispensers and waste disposal.

Nurse trolley as a hygiene station

The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) pursues this approach as part of its comprehensive hygiene concept and has recently started using the ingo-slide waste receptacle.

The unique product design allows the ingo-slide to be easily opened by tapping the bottom of the bin with a toe. A light touch of the knee is enough to close the waste bin gently. Thanks to integrated dampers, the bins close without making a sound.

As part of the reopening of the healthcare facility in Kiel, the renowned university hospital equipped a total of more than 120 nursing trolleys with the ingo-slide in patient wards. The 15 litre waste bins are attached to the side of the mobile carts for patient care, and enable quick, hygienic waste disposal directly at the point-of-care. The elevated installation also allows convenient floor cleaning where a static bin might present an obstacle.

When trollies that utilize the ingo-slide are outfitted with additional products, such as sanitizer dispensers in Euro-bottle format and disposable glove dispensers, hygiene standards are increased. By providing point-of-care hygiene solutions, the opportunity to practice proper and effective hand hygiene is increased.  

The UKSH as “Clinic of the Future”

The UKSH is the largest clinic in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and recently underwent a 100,000 square-pmetre addition. The new six-story building is the focal point of the university’s intensive care unit on the Kiel campus. In addition to the hand-operated waste bins, the UKSH introduced numerous other innovative systems for greater comfort and patient protection.


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