Die Messe Düsseldorf verwendet ab sofort den PRAESIDIO Desinfketionsspender
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PRAESIDIO® is the face of hygiene at Düsseldorf trade shows

Messe Düsseldorf is one of the five most successful trade show organizers in the world. They host 40 trade fairs annually and manage a large 613 thousand square meter facility with 18 halls on the Rhine. As a global leader, staying on-brand and keeping visitors safe is crucial—especially in light of the pandemic.

Clemens Hauser, the Executive Director Technical Operations at Messe Düsseldorf, was looking for a dispenser that was durable, customizable, and compatible with Euro bottles. The PRAESIDIO® was the perfect solution. Not only does it improve hygenic employees and visitors to the administration building, but also decorate the entrance area with an individually designed front.

Powering sales, jobs, and public services in Düsseldorf

The impact of Messe Düsseldorf on its city is immense. One third of all hotel stays in the city are attributed to trade shows. According to a study, Düsseldorf’s trade fair and congress business alone lead to around €2.98 billion in annual sales throughout Germany and €1.66 billion in the city. These events also secure over 27 thousand jobs nationally and almost 17 thousand jobs in Düsseldorf. All this economic activity adds €567 million to the public purse through taxes.

PROTaction with the PRAESIDIO®

In light of its importance, having good infection prevention is more vital than ever before for Messe Düsseldorf. That is why they have launched the “PROTaction” campaign. They group all of their health precautions and hygiene measures under this term. The goal is to help all visitors quickly recognize their infection control solutions throughout the fair grounds.

Messe has added PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispensers to their administrative building. The product first caught the eye of those responsible for the Medica trade fair in November. They quickly saw how a durable sanitizer dispenser that stands out and that can be easily customized could elevate their spaces. Having a dispenser that used Euro bottles was also important, as the bottle format was already being used. Christoph Schmidt, department head of grounds service and central services, also emphasizes that the extremely long battery life was a decisive factor in favour of the PRAESIDIO®.

As a host of many tradeshows, the PRAESIDIO®’s brand new magnetic covers are perfect. New covers can be changed very easily to provide a large canvas for new messages or even advertising. Messe Düsseldorf chose their “PROTaction” campaign logo in bright turquoise to make the dispenser an eye-catching addition to their lobby.


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