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Hygiene worth smiling about

A bright, long reception, a waiting room as cozy as a living room, and the safety of OPHARDT Hygiene sanitizer dispensers; the dental practice Youssef und Kollegen was recently renovated and refurbished. Since the reopening in August, the building shines in an old facade with a modern interior. This is the goal of George Youssef and his colleagues, to put a smile on people’s faces.

George Youssef: A dentist with passion

“I do my job with pleasure and passion, but more importantly, we make a lot of people happy!” says George Youssef when we asked him what he does in his dental practices in the picturesque towns of Kevelaer and Issum-Sevelen. With his team of 17 dental assistants and four dentists, he works day after day to help people confidently smile and enjoy their food.

“We like working together as a team and, above all, we like working with people. That’s especially important to us and we want to convey that to our patients,” the dentist says of his team. George Youssef knows that many people shy away from dental treatment. “We try to take away people’s fear. Here at the practice in Kevelaer, for example, during the renovation we tried not to bring in a typical dentist office style, but to create a feel-good place. We want our patients to enjoy coming to us.”

Using the body’s self-healing powers

Using self-healing power to reduce pain: one specialty is implantology, which deals with placing dental implants in the bone of the upper and lower jaw. “Implantology without tissue reconstruction is impossible—that is, for both bone and mucosa. In connection with such procedures, the method with autologous blood is often used.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes. It’s completely biological and you don’t introduce any additives to the body,” the dentist explains. “Patients usually have little or no swelling after the treatment is completed, minimal pain, and most importantly, they have reliable, authentic and biological regeneration with their own body’s substances.”

PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispenser in the entrance area

When entering the newly designed practice in Kevelaer, patients and visitors are first greeted by a PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispenser. “We acquired the device even before the Corona pandemic. And that was a good thing, because it was used extremely often, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. That’s when we really had to refill the device a lot – despite the 1 litre container inside,” George tells us.

The design of the sanitizer dispenser fits seamlessly into the modern interior of the practice: an elegant black panel with gold lettering that creates a striking visual as soon as you enter. The dentist emphasizes: “Something like this belongs in every business. Not only at the dentist’s office, but also in restaurants, cinemas and similar establishments. After all, we all want hygienic standards to be maintained.”

Patient treatment with safety—thanks to the Neptune dispensing system.

“We have six treatment rooms and one sterilization room. OPHARDT Hygiene dispensers are hanging everywhere. A cartridge system is installed in the soap and sanitizer dispensers. This is very important for us, of course, because it means we don’t break the hygiene chain and can easily replace the cartridges when they’re empty.” The cartridges come from Bode, one of the leading specialists in disinfection, hygiene and skin protection.

In addition to the soap and sanitizer dispensers, paper towel dispensers for cabinet installation are also used. “Another crucial feature for the dispensers was that we were able to install both the soap and sanitizer dispensers and the paper towel dispensers in the wall cabinets at our facility. Plus, the dispensers are just top quality.”

Discover the PRAESIDIO® sanitizer dispenser and the Neptune polished stainless steel dispenser system now.


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